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Citizens of most countries of the world need visas to enter Belarus. Visas are not needed for the nationals of some countries of the New Independent States (former Soviet republics), some Eastern European countries and several other states. You can find a list of the states whos citizens do not need visas for travel to Belarus at the web-site of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus (click here).

You can obtain a Belarusian entry visa at Belarusian embassies and consulates. For the updated list of Belarusian diplomatic missions and their addresses see the web-site maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus at

Normally the cost of normal single entry visa varies from US$ 40 to US$ 80. Normal processing time for getting a visa is 5 working days. Usually you will be able to get it faster by paying an extra.

Apart from visa you will need a medical insurance to enter Belarus. A few foreign companies issue insurances that are valid in Belarus. You can also get a police at the border.

If you are a journalist that is going to collect information, make reports or perform other professional activities in Belarus you will be required to get an accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus (MFA). Accreditation is free. For more information see a page of the MFAs Press-Service (click here).








 There are some things that cannot be imported or exported to/from Belarus by regular tourists and visitors. The list of such things is rather common with other European countries. You cannot import drugs (narcotics), weapons, explosives, etc. without special permits.

Other things can be imported. However, only a certain number of goods can be imported without paying customs dues.

A person can import for free only 50 kg (110 lbs) of luggage the estimated cost of its contents not exceeding 1000 euro (or 80 kg and 1200 for indivisible items). This may include up to 5 kg of foodstuffs (for CIS residents up to 30 kg during June-October).

Extra luggage is levied 30 per cent dues, but not less than 2 per kg. For luggage exceeding 250 kg or 10000 the dues are 60 per cent but not less than 4 per kg.
Within these limits you can bring with you for free:

1 liter of liquors (for persons over 18)
1 liter of beer
200 cigarettes, or 200 grams of tobacco (for persons over 18)
5 jewelry items
3 items made from natural furs or leather
1 watch
4 tires

If you take with you more than that you would be asked to pay the dues in amount of 60 per cent but not less than 4 per kilo (the same if you fail to declare such items). For each extra liter of liquors you bring with you be prepared to pay 20 in dues.

Note that you can bring with you your clothes, laptop, camera, player or other portable devices for your own personal use without restrictions on their cost or weight for free as long as these items are not new (used) and you are not a resident of Belarus. This is stipulated in the Decree of the President of Belarus No.259 dated May 27, 2004, article 10.6 and Annex 2.


Customs Regulations

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