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 Getting There :: Travel options
As with almost any trip abroad there are several things you need to do before traveling to Belarus. You have to make a choice between different transportation options, then you need to have your documents ready for travel, you should keep in mind some customs/border formalities and there are some insurance and registration issues. Of course, if you are bringing your pet with you there is a "pet issue".

OK, let's begin with transportation arrangements.

 There are regular connections with many countries of the world. There are daily flights to some destinations (Frankfurt, Moscow, Vienna).

You have a choice of several airlines to choose from: Belavia, Lufthansa, SAS, Austrian Airlines and some other.



 If you are coming from the nearby European states using the train may be one of the options. Many Belarusian towns can be reached by railway.


 Buses are often the least expensive option of traveling to Belarus. There are bus lines operated from neighboring countries, though their number is limited.

During the holiday season there are better possibilities of using cheaper bus transportation as many Belarusian tour operators send tourists to foreign countries and they may agree to pick you up on their way back to Belarus.



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