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Internet :: How to connect

While in Belarus, you have several options to connect to the Internet.

Dial-up from your computer
If you bring your computer (say, laptop) with you, it is possible to set up a dial-up connection to the Internet. You do not necessarily need a contract to use a dial-up service in Belarus. You have two options.

"Internet Card"
Many providers sell so-called "Internet cards" that have account IDs and passwords valid only for some specified period. The back side of the cards has the information on how to set-up your computer (only in Russian) to connect to the Internet.

Beltelecom "Subscription-Free" access
Belarusian state telecom company provides the service where users can connect to the Internet simply by dialing from the computer a special line and using any ID or password. Usage costs are then billed to the phone line owner.

Visit Internet Cafй
There is a network of Internet Cafйs in Belarus that provide its visitors with access to the Internet. Read more about it here.


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